Rain Water Harvesting & Installation

Rain water harvesting system is a valuable way to collect rain-water and re-use it for landscaping needs when local water restrictions increase. We provide certain types of rain barrels and are always looking for a larger variety of rain barrel products to meet our customers' needs. If the home-owners provide the rain barrels, we can install them the same day in 95% of the time as long as the installation was planned prior to the rain gutter installation.

Custom Made Rain Collector Boxes

This is a solution to common problem in unique architectural circumstances. We hand custom rain collector boxes in all Senox Colors.

Water Collection Gutter.jpg

Various Downspouts and Rain Chains

The most standard type of downspout is a 2"x3" or a 3"x4" aluminum downspout. During our onsite consultation we will determine which size is best for your needs. There are a variety of rain chains designs, colors and materials available to choose from. If you are interested in rain chains we encourage you to visit www.rainchains.com our preferred rain chain dealer.

Specialty Gutter

Leaf-Free Gutter Shield, Leaf Screens or Guards with Installation

- Leaf-Free Gutter Shields (Left)

- Heavy Duty Powder-coated Steel (Right)

- Standard Aluminum